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First Problem - New Loan Given

May 20th, 2007 at 03:15 am

It seems that the loan amount that was requested in for Ramona was incorrect. Kiva therefore refunded the $25 I had pledged and they are going to redo the loan again for Ramona in the correct amount. I've been searching to see if the new loan is live so that I can offer some money to her microloan again, but I haven't seen anything. I therefore did another $25 loan to a new recipient named Ben:

Ben is 38 years old and married with 1 child. He was educated up to G.C.E. Advanced level. From his own meagre resources, he was able to establish an auto parts shop which he still operates. Items on sale include bolts and nuts, refurbished radiators and other assorted used car parts.

He has benefited from KRABAN'S 'TEACH' learning sessions. He wants to use the KIVA loan to stock up other items like used rims, tyres and lubricants for sale.

I will continue to look to see if Ramona's new loan request is in the system and I will donate to her again if I find the request. This should not be a problem since I have some auctions ending tomorrow which should bring some more money and to donate more microloans.

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