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New Blog & Money Raised

May 20th, 2007 at 03:27 am

Lots to update - first I have moved this blog to its own blogging page from my personal finance blog since I will also have entries here listed on the microloan website that we are building.

Last week was extremely busy on the sites, and even though I didn't update, a lot happened. All the auctions ended and all the people have paid which brought in an extra $337 plus the $100 from buy it now auctions making the total for distribution $437. That gives us enough to give out 17 loans with a bit left over. We have already made 13 loans and I will make another 4 write after I finish writing this entry.

Unfortunately with everything going on I wasn't able to list any auctions last week so there won't be any new income for a least another week. I am hoping to list another 10 auctions or so although I don't think this next ones will bring in quite as much money. Still, every dollar helps and hopefully we can add another couple hundred to the pot.

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