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Third Loan

May 20th, 2007 at 03:08 am

The third loan went to Ramona with the following story:

Ramona has had a small store in her home for about two years. She and her husband also travel around the local area offering their products to the public from a tricycle cart. They mainly sell eggs, cheese and ham, often serving as distributors to other small stores in the area.

Ramona is hoping that she can take out a loan to improve her profits. She will purchase more of her common products at better prices and much larger quantities. She hopes to eventually start delivering these products to all the small stores in the area.

Ramona is 28 years old and she has two daughters who are in school. Her husband is very supportive of her business and helps her invest with leftover income from his job. They hope they can make some improvements to their humble home in the near future.

This was another loan for $25.

I'm finding it interesting looking at the other people that are donating to the same loans that I am. What you see very quickly is that there are a wide variety of people that are giving these loans out for many different reasons. I think that this has been a very good start to this process and hopefully it will keep me motivated to continue to work hard on this project despite all the other time commitments a have.

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