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Loans 22 & 23

June 1st, 2007 at 08:15 pm

Today I made another 2 loans and still need to make a couple of more when I have a bit more time to look. Here are the two most recent, again, both for $25. I actually have to set a time limit when I visit because I could spend a few hours reading thier stories...

Alice Wuala

Alice Wuala is married with three children. She attends Inkiito Baptist church and she is the treasurer of the Enanyor group. She started her business years ago, and her retail shop business has been doing well. She has managed to stock her shop with most of the necessities. She is now able to take of her family without much struggle. She trained through the WEEC programme, and this has helped her a lot. She now knows the importance of saving and putting the profits back into the business. Alice Wuala is grateful to her trainer and she is a good example to women in her area. The demand for goods in her area is now increasing, forcing her to expand her retail shop by stocking it with different types of goods to meet the demand. She would like to be given a loan of USD450 to buy more stock, and she is willing to repay the loan on a monthly basis.

Long Sothear

Long Sothear, who is 34 years old mother of 5 children, lives in Prey Veng province, Cambodia. She makes around $2.5/day by growing a variety of crops in the field. Her husband is a construction foreman and generates about $4/day, which is a potential for their household. Sothear hopes the loan will help her in investing more seeds to grow and another part is to repair their house in order to protect it from leaking during the rainy season. In the future, Samnang would like to own a grocery store at the market.

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