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Loan 26

June 7th, 2007 at 06:38 pm

Thanks to the kindness of Broken Arrow as mentioned in the previous post, we had enough to make another loan. This one we made to:

Mary Meredith

Mary is a single female of 22 years old. She lives in the small Samoan village of Moamoa. Mary says that she wasnít a very good student while in school. And so rather than continue, she asked her mother if she could attend sewing courses. She went to these courses for two and a half years. And although she didnít complete her full course, she felt comfortable that she had built up the skills and knowledge necessary to start her own sewing business. She admits that since then she has learned a lot from experience. She joined SPBD to get started and with her first loan, she purchased a sewing machine. She is now requesting a second loan that she will use to buy materials for her sewing. Maryís ultimate goal is to become a professional tailor.

I have 9 more auctions ending tomorrow which appear will bring in about another $100 or so (let's hope last minute bidding increases that)

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