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Loans 36 - 39

July 18th, 2007 at 01:07 am

I just made four more loans for $25 each raising the total number of loans to 39. These are the loans that I made:

Marta Garcia

Marta García lives in the city of El Alto. She is from a family with few economic resources. At 16 years old, she was working as a street vendor selling used tools in the city market. This was not a very profitable business and she had to walk long distances in order to sell and support her family.

Now Marta is the mother of two children, is married, and is the owner of a shop selling nuts and bolts in the July 16 Market. Among her immediate goals are expanding and remodeling the physical space of her business, in order to expand into other markets with the goal of improving her family’s standard of living.

Sergio Gerardo Noh Coronado

Sergio is an entrepreneurial person and is very responsible. He used to work in a hardware store, but he lost that job three years ago due to problems in the business. Sergio began his own business. When Sergio was let go by the hardware store, they offered part of his severance pay in cash and the other part in hardware materials. This helped him out in the beginning with his paint store, where he sells items necessary for construction and other hardware. Sergio is married and the desire to be able to offer the best to his family is what motivates him to work harder and harder everyday.

Sergio is requesting a loan of $475.00, which he will use to buy merchandise. He is committed to returning the loan in 5 months. Be part of the development of this business! Sergio and his family thank you for the opportunity you provide them to improve their quality of life.

Mohamed Jalloh

Mohamed Jalloh is forty-nine years of age and married with five children. Jalloh runs a small store selling onions, tomato paste and cooking oil in Kabala in Sierra Leone. Jalloh is requesting a second loan of $200 from SMT to increase his inventory so he will be able to earn more income from his little store. He wants to be able to provide more towards the education of his children and the up-keep on his house.

Sajoh Jalloh

Sajoh Jalloh is thirty-three years old and married with one child. He opened a small store in the open-air market in Kabala town of Sierra Leone soon after the end of the civil war. In spite of the small scale of his business, Jalloh managed to save some of his profit to increase his inventory. He used a previous loan from SMT to construct a wooden shelter in a residential area in Kabala where he sells his goods. Jalloh completed his first loan repayment successfully and is requesting a second loan of $200 to further expand his inventory.

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